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Medical device illustrations have always been key to demonstrating why products are innovative, useful and superior, but the digital transformation made traditional brochures obsolete. Our 3D medical animations help medtech companies showcase their unique technology when the technology cannot be easily shown by conventional means (for example, a device inserted into the body). They are used in fundraising presentations, sales presentations, on websites, and at trade show booths.

Attending SXSW in Austin in March 2018?

You can't afford to miss the workshop Medical Marketing: Bringing Everyone to the Table hosted by our CEO, Dave Grossman, and Joe Hage, leader of the world's largest Medical Device group and the 10x Device Conference.

As seen in OPEN Forum by American Express: Why Changing Your Customers May Help Change Your Business

Today, your clients expect a deeper look at the equipment you offer, in the form of 3D Medical Animations and Immersive Product Simulations.

  • High-quality Medical Animations are the best choice for:
  • Patient Education
  • Medical Simulation
  • Cellular and Molecular Animation
  • Pharmaceutical Mechanism of Action Demonstration
  • Emergency Care Instruction
  • Forensic Reconstruction
  • Electronic Learning
  • Surgical Training and Planning

Client Testimonial:

"Selling our Marrow Cellution bone marrow aspiration needle became notably easier once we had a 3D animation to support our marketing collateral because physicians could easily and visually understand the procedure. DG Medical Animations knows how to make a quality video at a reasonable cost and the ROI has been clear."

Barry Zimble, General Manager, Ranfac Corporation

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Key People

Dr. Joshua Rosenberg

Consulting Physician

Dr. Rosenberg is a Division Chief at The Brooklyn Hospital and consults with DG Medical Animations on an ongoing basis to ensure medical accuracy.


DG Medical Animations

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450 Lexington Ave, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10017

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