If a picture is worth 1,000 words a 3D medical animation is worth 1,000,000 words.

Medical device animations beautifully demonstrate product utility and superiority. Now that your customers have seen 3D medical animation, your traditional brochure leaves them feeling cold.

Here's how to engage them

Our 3D Medical Animations help medtech companies showcase their unique technology

Medical device illustrations have always been key to demonstrating why products are innovative, useful and superior, but the digital transformation made traditional brochures obsolete. Our 3D medical animations help medtech companies showcase their unique

technology when the technology cannot be easily shown by conventional means (for example, a device inserted into the body). They are used in fundraising presentations, sales presentations, on websites, and at trade show booths.

DISCSEEL Regenerative Spine Procedure

Grafton DBM/DBF - Medtronic

Lumendi EIP

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Shorten your sales cycle and book more revenue with 3D medical animations

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you will discover that 3D medical device illustrations are worth a million words, assisting physicians to understand the value of your products instantly:

Quick and clear demonstration

Use 3D Medical Device Animations to quickly and clearly demonstrate important benefits and special features that set your design apart from the competition.

Shorten sales cycles

With the help of 3D Device Animations, your sales force will shorten sales cycles and book revenue more quickly.

Quick access

Content can be delivered via web, mobile, or app, allowing your clients to access information anytime, anywhere.

Shareble content

3D Device Simulations are particularly effective in today’s social-media-centric lifestyle, as short videos are easily shared and frequently viewed on the most popular social media platforms.

3D Medical illustrations differentiate you from your competitors and assist your clients in gaining the confidence of their patients. Many physicians now use 3D Medical Simulations to deliver valuable information about procedures and they choose providers that offer these tools.

DG Medical Animations has been helping clients create visual experiences for their most innovative ideas for the past 16 years.

* As seen in OPEN Forum by American Express: Why Changing Your Customers May Help Change Your Business

High-quality Medical Animations

Today, your clients expect a deeper look at the equipment you offer, in the form of 3D Medical Animations and Immersive Product Simulations.

High-quality Medical Animations are the best choice for:

Patient Education

Medical Simulation

Cellular and Molecular Animation

Pharmaceutical Mechanism of Action Demonstration

Emergency Care Instruction

Forensic Reconstruction

Electronic Learning

Surgical Training and Planning

What others say about us

Jason Rister

Sr. Program Marketing Mgr, Medtronic

DG Medical Animations produces high quality animations while keeping us on schedule. They offer assistance with developing a storyboard, excellent time management to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, flexibility with revisions ensuring that the animations show our devices and procedures exactly as we need. Very easy to work with.

Fletcher Wilson

CEO, Intervene, Inc.

We needed a solid animation to communicate to physicians, investors, vendors and regulators how our product works. We had a good idea of what steps we wanted to show and then DG Medical Animations took over, storyboarding and then animating exactly what we needed. We’ve since shown the animation thousands of times and put it up on our website. We’d use DG again and have recommended them to others.

Barry Zimble

COO, Ranfac Corp.

Selling our Marrow Cellution bone marrow aspiration needle became notably easier once we had a 3D animation to support our marketing collateral because physicians could easily and visually understand the procedure. DG Medical Animations knows how to make a quality video at a reasonable cost and the ROI has been clear.

Our CEO Dave Grossman recently led a workshop at SXSW on the importance of branding and visuals in Medical Marketing.

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