Lumendi: DiLumen EIP Medical Device Animation

Dave Grossman | April 18, 2021

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Medical animations help to better showcase the purpose, process, and result of medical procedures. These type of informational videos help consumers and practitioners alike better visualize the purpose and process of many procedures.

In this walk-though, we’ll take a look at a 3D medical animation we recently put together to help visualize the Endolumenal Interventional Platform (EIP) developed by Lumendi. This non-invasive procedure can help reduce the need for general anesthesia, provide an incisionless approach for certain therapies, and can reduce the duration of hospital stays.

Precision Medical Device

DiLumenTM Endolumenal Interventional Platform EIP medical device animation

The DiLumen Endolumenal Interventional Platform (EIP) is designed to help practitioners better use endoscopic tools

One of the hard parts of selling medical equipment is conveying the purpose to practitioners and patients. These devices, often with potentially life-saving ability, aren’t always easily explained. Multi-media content such as 3D medical animations can help provide a short, accurate, and easily understood demonstration. By better educating patients and practitioners a medical device can find a much better reception in the marketplace.

Visualizing Medical Equipment

Medical devices come in many shapes, sizes, and often have complex functionality. Accurate visual  demonstrations are useful to better sell, use, and market medical devices. This image from the video shows a clear demonstration of how a realistic animation explains the nature of the product, what procedures it’s relevant to, and what it looks like in action.

DiLumenTM Endolumenal Interventional Platform endoscopic sheath medical animation

The DiLumen EIP device is used as an attachment for endoscopes to provide better illumination during endoscopies and related procedures.

Real-world video of such procedures is often impossible or, at the very least, unfavorable. Medical procedures can be messy after all. This portion of the animation shows that the EIP is used as an attachment, that it’s relevant for endoscopies, and that it doesn’t create an limiting size increase in existing endoscope form. Easy to visualize; easy to sell.

Animating the Fine Details

Another invaluable aspect of these type of 3D animations is that the easily demonstrate the exact nature of how medical devices are intended to use. It’s one thing to show a general use case but to have the ability to showcase nuanced uses is a powerful means of communication. In this still-frame image from the video, the EIP product is shown in-action. This provides a clear demonstration of its benefits for the practitioner.

DiLumenTM Endolumenal Interventional Platform EIP tension medical device animation

The EIP provides precision separation functionality to help illuminate and protect the area of concern

This level of detail is unparalleled for communicating the most important features of any product. Unlike products in other industries, visualizing a medical device in-action, in the field (so-to-speak), is much more difficult. Imagine the cost that would go into filming a real-world procedure at this level of detail. In most cases, it wouldn’t be possible regardless of budget!


In this case study, we’ve seen how a 3D medical animation was used by Lumendi to clearly demonstrate the value of a product. The EIP is clearly a valuable tool that can help streamline the endoscopy procedure in ways that may reduce cost, lower invasiveness, and reduce hospital stay duration.  For more information on 3d medical animations, reach out to our support staff for detailed and insightful answers.

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