Breakdown: 3D Biopsy Tissue Sample Animation

Dave Grossman | April 19, 2021

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Biopsies are essential medical procedures that help practitioners best diagnose patients and develop treatment options. We developed this 3D animation to help practitioners better educate patients on the nature of the procedure to help mitigate any post-operative misunderstandings.

In this breakdown, we’ll show how a 3D animation helps to showcase the core process of an endoscopic biopsy, as well as the core functionality of the equipment used. Real-world footage isn’t easily obtained for such procedures and this animation helps create a cost-effective substitute.

Medical Device Features

endoscope biopsy tissue sample medical animation

Animation of the forceps extending through the biopsy channel opening

The primary goal of this 3D animation was to clearly illustrate how this medical device is used during a biopsy procedure. Endoscopy can help doctors spot early warning signs of serious medical concerns. This part of the animation shows the forceps extending from the biopsy channel opening, being positioned on the tissue, and collecting the sample.

High Quality Lighting

sample endoscope guide head illuminated d medical animation

Head of biopsy endoscope illustrating a retracted position of the forceps and illumination provided by the guide lights

Patients may or may not be aware of how practitioners are able to locate certain areas in the body. This part of the animation clearly illustrates that the endoscope contains powerful lights and ideally-located objective lens to provide precision control. This medical device animation also shows that the forceps are safely retracted during initial insertion to avoid tissue damage.

3D Animation of Core Features

endoscope opening d animation

This part of the animation demonstrates the core feature of the endoscope’s forceps

Medical devices often have many complex features and functions. This animation clearly demonstrates one of the core functions of the forceps used during the endoscopic biopsy. Not only are 3D animations of this nature good for patient education; they can also be useful during residency and surgical training.


Medical equipment animations help showcase the core features of expensive devices that aren’t always easily explained. This is useful during medical sales, patient education, and practitioner training. 3D medical animations help provide a real-world depiction of how these devices are used—something that real video isn’t always able to capture! Contact us to learn more about how these videos are created and the industries they can help support.

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